App Helps You Shop For Clothes

We’ve just released our official Android application that you can take with you next time you’re shopping for clothes to find exactly what clothes match your complexion.

The application has been created with Coat Rack Harmony’s coveted color palette that’s matched specifically to your eye, hair and skin colors. By using the application you’ll not only have all of your foundation and additional colors readily available, but will also have a camera-based application that hunts down these colors in any clothes rack when you’re shopping.

Simply enter in your complexion to receive your colors, and the application will automatically download your personalised color palette. Then all you need to do when shopping is to point the camera at a garment that you like, and the Coat Rack Harmony application will instantly tell you which colors in your palette the garment matches and how closely they match.

Shopping no longer needs to be a frustrating chore. You can now very easily push through the duds and disappointments in each store to find the gems that are perfect for you. And best of all? The app is free!

Download the Coat Rack Harmony application today.

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