What Shoes To Wear With Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans have been around for a long time, and because of their versatility have become a popular choice for anything from casual weekends to the less formal office. Choosing to go down the skinny jean route does raise a few considerations and it’s not for everyone, but if you do decide to squeeze yourself into them, here are some tips to help match you up.

Tucked into boots

If you have a nice pair of boots that you’re itching to show off, this may be the style for you. Rather than the traditional jean route of getting a boot cut and training them to sit over the boot, skinny jeans tuck nicely inside it that adds more emphasis on both your boots and your figure. The bulkiness of the boots provides a strong contrast to the slim, narrow jean that effectively shrinks the size of your calves.

Ankle heels

Following on from the tuck method, ankle heels are fast becoming the de facto stylish option for pairing both leggings, tights and skinny jeans. This style looks great with looser fitting top-sections like wide T-shirts and cardigans that provide more contrast to a tight fitting bottom.

Paired with high heels

This is a trend that’s gaining momentum and it’s not hard to see why. A tall set of stiletto’s sitting on the end of a flattering pair of skinny jeans gives the illusion of longer legs. This makes it especially attractive to those with shorter or medium length legs looking for a bit more height.

Rolled up

Not so much a shoe but a sytle, rolling them up a good six inches or so with clearance over heels or boots is a great way to dress down your look. This is also a better option if you’re a little shy moving into a super-slim denim look.


Flats can look great with skinnies given you have the right shape. This combination can have the effect of making the hips and bottom appear larger and legs shorter, so is better suited for long legs and a smaller rear.

If you’re unsure if skinny jeans are right for you, or want to know which other garments suit you best, tell us your complexion and body shape and we’ll provide a full garment and color analysis just for you!

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